About Us

UltraPharmRx is a digital Telehealth service for men that connects you to US-licensed physicians for treatment of sexual health, hair loss treatments, and wellness. UltraPharmRx is an affordable and convenient way to access healthcare online and receive prescribed medications discreetly by mail. We have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals who have been key contributors in providing solutions for male sexual health and wellness services over a span of decades, across countless distribution channels.

Our primary focus is helping men deal with these issues by connecting them with US licensed physicians through a hassle-free telehealth visit. Some states also require a phone or video chat with your doctor or nurse practitioner. If you are prescribed medication, a US licensed pharmacy will deliver genuine medication directly to your doorstep.

Our mission is built on Four pillars of trust. Integrity, Convenience, Affordability and Confidentiality - to provide high-quality healthcare services while maintaining the highest standards. We make it convenient for men who want the take control of their sexual health and well-being by helping them connect with US licensed physicians from the comfort of their own home.