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UltraPharmRX makes men’s health simpler, more convenient, and affordable.
Erectile Dysfunction
Get premium, FDA-approved, US-made E.D. medication from the comfort of your home! Save up to 90% with UltraPharmRX Generic Viagra and Cialis that feature the same potency and effectiveness vs their brand-name counterparts.
Men’s Hair Loss
Get premium at-home treatment medication for men’s hair loss! UltraPharmRX offers advanced FDA-approved treatments that target the root cause of men’s hair loss.
Revitalize your testosterone levels safely with UltraPharmRX’s advanced testosterone treatments! UltraPharmRX offers treatments to naturally boost your testosterone levels, without the common side effects of anabolic steroids.
Custom Treatments
UltraPharmRX offers advanced Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) medications, developed exclusively for UltraPharmRX customers, to target multiple pathways, yielding superior performance and results.
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  • Erectile dysfunction
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  • Custom Medication
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  • Men's Hair Loss
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  • Testosterone
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  • Weight Loss
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Order FDA-approved medication
in less than
3 minutes!
UltraPharmRX makes men’s health simple, convenient,
and affordable.
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Frequently asked questions
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UltraPharmRx is a direct-to-consumer telehealth company that connects patients with providers for telehealth treatments. UltraPharmRX is for patients over the age of 18 in the United States.
UltraPharmRX is a full-service telehealth platform that is super simple to use.
  1. Choose your medication
  2. Answer a quick 3-minute health questionnaire
  3. Order your medication
  4. Our team of board-certified physicians will review your order
  5. If deemed appropriate after an online consultation, your prescription will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days
That’s it!
The physicians we work with around the country are board-certified and undergo an extensive background check and license verification process.
UltraPharmRX does not require insurance. You will not be billed unless your prescription is approved.
We are available in 48 states. South Carolina and Alaska are not eligible for telehealth treatment at this time.
UltraPharmRX makes men’s health simpler, more convenient, and affordable.