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About ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when you’re unable to achieve or maintain an erection before or during sex. With many causes, ED occurs when your body is not sending enough blood to the penis, or sending too much blood out, to maintain erections, which is most often a result of lacking an enzyme called PDE5.

Why do I have ED? What caused it?
There are many common causes of ED, including heart disease, blood vessel disease, diabetes, certain medications, obesity, cigarette smoking, depression, anxiety, stress, and more. Sometimes ED is caused by a combination of factors, and sometimes a specific cause is never determined.
Yes, there are several options for treating ED. Before starting any kind of treatment, it’s important to be evaluated by a healthcare professional for possible underlying causes that might also require treatment.
You should see an in-person healthcare professional if you are experiencing other worrisome symptoms or if you have other health conditions that might be related to ED, such as heart disease or diabetes.

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What to expect:
  • The directions for your medication will depend on the prescribing physician. Our telehealth physicians will guide you every step of the way to get the most appropriate treatment plan for you.
  • Sildenafil citrate (main ingredient in Viagra) should be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual activity.

Next, we’ll walk you through questions about your medical history and symptoms to get the right treatment plan ready.

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Continue to take and adjust your treatments. Schedule follow ups with your physician or nurse practitioner, or our licensed physicians. Note: you should continue to receive regular, in-person care in addition to using.


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  • Spend the rest of your day driving to a pharmacy
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